Saving money and time while collecting waste, it's so easy with the brandnew PRESSBOY™ with the integrated pressing stamp.

So you press the trash with the Pressboy™:

    Setting up the integrated pressing stamp and pressing 
  • OUT: First you take the grey bar (lever), lift it a bit and slide it horizontally outside of the box (compare picture 2),
  • UP: Then you turn the lever up, until it is fixed, and place it in vertical position. Now the pressing stamp is ready for use! (compare picture 3).
  • DOWN: Now you can press your collected waste with the pressing stamp, while you apply downward pressure on the stamp (compare picture 4)
    Folding the pressing stamp and returning the lever to the original position
  • Draw the stamp back upwards until it is fixed, then you turn down the bar (fold it down) to the horizontal position, finally you push it back into the top of the bin.

PDF Download Instructions

ATTENTION: Do not use the PRESSBOY with hot ashes and embers!

With the new PRESSBOY™ you can save the environment and our ressources, while collecting your garbage!