PRESSBOY™ all around the world!
With the brandnew waste bin with integrated pressing device you collect your garbage and save place, time and money.

Now here it is: the brandnew revolutionary product PRESSBOY™, the new small waste compressor for the kitchen, for the bathroom, WC, for all rooms in your house and bureau, - and everywhere you need to collect waste in small bins.
The new waste bin is made out of durable plastic, it's easy washable, portable and compactly designed. The PRESSBOY™ is designed with Swiss knowhow, it's a Swiss quality product and it's manufactured in Europe and has the ISO9001 certification.

The PRESSBOY™: its modern and elegant design is good for representing. The new mini compressor of waste is available by default in the colour turquoise/grey. Orders up from 700 pieces minimium may have individual colors on request.

You can also sort your waste with the new PRESSBOY™: put a PRESSBOY™ for each sort of waste !

Its recommended to take PRESSBOY™ to collect organic waste, paper waste, plastic waste , refuse waste. 

Tip: You will enlarge the usage and duration of your PRESSBOY™, if you donot use or press with it: glass and metal cans, hot ashes or embers.
Do never put hot ashes or embers into the bin made out of plastic!

How to press waste with the new PRESSBOY™: Instructions